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Information security basic policy


The Eyesay (called "us" as follows.) works on information security based on the following policies in an all the companies in order to protect the information assets which I took from a customer and our information assets from the threats such as an accident, a disaster, the crime, and to meet social trust with a customer.

1.Responsibility of the manager

We recognize importance of the information security definitely and it is led by a manager and tries for improvement, improvement of the information security systematically and continuously.

2.Maintenance of the system in the company

We install a person in charge for maintenance of the information security and improvement and, by maintenance and the responsibility of the system, the organization and clarification of the authority, carry out information security measures surely.

3.Approach of the employee

We carry out the necessary education, training that an employee recognizes the importance of information assets enough and learns knowledge, a technique to be required for information security.

4.The observance of the requirements in laws and ordinances and the contract and maintenance of internal official regulations

We observe laws and ordinances, regulation, model about information security, the duty in the contract and set the inside official regulations to affect information security measures and work according to this.

5.Response to violation and accident

When violation of laws and ordinances, breach of contract about information security and an accident occur, we deal appropriately and act for the prevention of extended influence of the damage and the recurrence.

6.Enforcement of the continuous improvement

I act for continuous review and improvement that we confirm that this policy is observed regularly and maintain the effectiveness.

The enforcement date: August, 2021
Representative director Koichi Iwasa

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※We moved from September, 2018
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