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Development apparatus, software

We aim at the technical improvement every day as a company taking inspection, an investigation diagnosis to become the start of the infrastructure maintenance cycle. I push forward open innovation without being particular about an existing technique.

Our development apparatus

Development of the robot enabling the approach of the narrow-mindedness point

The space height that a person can come in has a limit.
When it is of 70cm or less in us, it becomes the original purpose even if it can penetrate
Because inspection work becomes difficult, I carry it out using an alternate device.
I am enterable if I use this robot if there is a gap of 20cm.

Development of the wall surface run type robot

The popular drone has the Aviation Act limitation now to fly in the space. In addition, the inspection which came close to a structure because it floats is difficult.
Without our wall surface run type robot having such limitation
Essential approach inspection is enabled.

Our development software

Development of the information development tool "space notebook"

I introduce "space notebook" producing to the o concept that "it is timely and introduces information "into.
For details, please see the following page.
 Inquiry foam is this
Technical Development Department charge: Seki
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The sixth floor of the Yokoyama Building
TEL: 03-6806-7281
FAX: 03-6806-5717
※We moved from September, 2018
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●Measurement examination of the structure
●Inspection of the structure
●Investigation, diagnosis of the structure
●3D measurement
○Sale of the Three-dimensional measurement machine
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