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<head office>
2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
The sixth floor of the Yokoyama Building
TEL: 03-6806-7281
FAX: 03-6806-5717
※I moved from September, 2018
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●Measurement examination of the structure
●Inspection of the structure
●Investigation, diagnosis of the structure
●3D measurement
○Sale of the Three-dimensional measurement machine
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Company information

Representative greetings

We which reached the 20th year are doing check, the investigation into structure to be good at since the opening of business.
In Japan, a typhoon, a flood, a landslide, heavy snowfall, the tornado caused by the heavy rain suffered big damage by abnormal natural disaster commencing with Great Hanshin Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake the other day.
It is very difficult to prevent natural disaster surely, but thinks that it is possible surely to reduce the later artificial damage.
And I think that it is our big mission.
It shifts to the definitely preventive maintenance type management that innovation is expressed how you would use the existing structure for the cause by innovative technique and management for a long time in the times. Letting you prolong it by the latest technique not updating newly simply because it is good that it is old. I am proud that I can be engaged in the field where myself am splendid heartily.
It is small power, but pushes on with big intention.
And I pray heartily so that many victims can return to original life as soon as possible.

President Koichi Iwasa

Corporate philosophy

  • We will provide valuable technologies and services expected by customers.
  • All employees are motivated and continue to be dynamic companies.
  • Continue to be a company that contributes to society through growth and development.

Company profile

Company nameEyesay
The location
<head office> The sixth floor of the 〒 116-0013 2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Yokoyama Building
Phone number
FAX number
RepresentativeRepresentative director Koichi Iwasa
The establishment dateJanuary, 1997
Capital10 million yen
The number of employees
30 [as of January 1, 2018]
●Inspection of the structure
●Investigation, diagnosis of the structure
●Sensing / monitoring of the structure
●3D measurement, modeling
○Sale of the Three-dimensional measurement machine
Possession qualification
・Professional engineer
・Concrete diagnosis person
・Concrete skill person
・Construction managing engineers
・Non Destructive Inspection engineer (UT3, MT2, PT2)

Company brochure

Company brochure in 2018 for

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<the head office>
The sixth floor of the 2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Yokoyama Building
(from Nishi-Nippori Station from 5-minute walk, Nippori Station a 4-minute walk)

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