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Support of the technical college infrastructure management technology contest

We support an infrastructure management technology contest (infuratekukon). As for this contest, it is an event to compete for an idea to solve a problem of the public infrastructure in a contest format targeting at higher vocational school students (technical college student). I support you to mature into a contest along with technical college robokon and dezakon of the event that has already taken root in the technical college. I cannot miss your cooperation, too! Please support him together.

Participation in visit to child Kasumigaseki D

On Wednesday, August 7, 2019, I supported an infrastructure maintenance nation meeting booth in "child Kasumigaseki visit D" held in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Government building on Thursday on 8th and participated. "The infrastructure maintenance had you know the importance of the infrastructure by arguing with children titled anything". In addition, I conveyed that infrastructure maintenance was an imminent activity by a concrete koto and the operation of the mini-drone, the distribution of the infrastructure maintenance card that I produced with concrete.

Holding of the elementary school home delivery of cooked foods class

 Targeting at the fifth graders of the February, 2020 Tokyo board school, home delivery of cooked foods taught an aim of the learning as a special class of social studies saying, "there was much infrastructure in our imminent place and it was dangerous and knew that it was not usable for a longer time when the infrastructure did not perform inspection, a repair and brought up the child who thought about being interested in infrastructure in future life, and it being possible for oneself, and could act.".
 The 2-hour class knows something with the ① infrastructure. ②I think and talk about what happens if infrastructure disappears. ③I know the need to let you last a long time in inspection of the infrastructure and taking a step. ④I know that I do not use the infrastructure carefully what happens. ⑤I actually see a state checking in a video and a photograph. ⑥I think and talk about what you can do together. ⑦A summary of the learning.
 By the last summary from a student "remembered what did that it was possible which "all are not usable safely when did not maintain it" "life being great if there was not infrastructure". I had an impression saying it wanted to cooperate that I could do it and became the very meaningful class.
 I push forward an activity to contribute to expanse of the foot of the engineer of the infrastructure maintenance, industrial upbringing sequentially.
We support an infrastructure maintenance nation meeting citizen participation in planning forum.

Information dispatch to the society

An article was published in the opinion of CNCP communication vol80.
The article of our representative was published in the foreword of CNCP communication vol76.
The article of our representative was introduced by issued CNCP communication 5 (Vol.73) every month on Sibyl NPO cooperation platform (CNCP).
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