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News of the office move
 The sixth floor of the new address 2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Yokoyama Building
 Move time September 1, 2018
<head office>
2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
The sixth floor of the Yokoyama Building
TEL: 03-6806-7281
FAX: 03-6806-5717
※I moved from September, 2018
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●Measurement examination of the structure
●Inspection of the structure
●Investigation, diagnosis of the structure
●3D measurement
○Sale of the Three-dimensional measurement machine
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3-D measurement

3D measurement

Enforcement plan - measurement - modeling - analysis

I cope from field measurement and measurement data to the modeling from a plan, suggestion of the Three-dimensional measurement.
Please consult what you want to measure how you want to make use of the result that you measured!

Editing processing, analysis of point group data

Purchased 3D laser scanner, but "the company which does only point group processing" as human resources letting the disposal of point groups software is rich, and "an out source wants to do the point group processing" as must use it properly by a purpose, and process a point group lack it I carry out the correspondence only for point group processing in us to answer in the needs that said this.

Sale, rental of the 3D laser scanner

I sell the 3D laser scanner and point group data handling software made in FARO company.
At first I want to see it! I want to touch it! Can you not rent it?
The inquiry about the product, please feel free to contact me.

FARO Laser Scanner Focus S350

(2018-01-05 ・ 264KB)

FARO Free Style3D-X

(2018-01-05 ・ 304KB)

Bridge inspection, 3D measurement using UAV

ka to see by deviation analysis in a decrement caused by the corrosion of each material from the data which I acquired
 The inquiry is this
Technical Development Department space information group charge: Fujita
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