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2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
The sixth floor of the Yokoyama Building
TEL: 03-6806-7281
FAX: 03-6806-5717
※I moved from September, 2018
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●Measurement examination of the structure
●Inspection of the structure
●Investigation, diagnosis of the structure
●3D measurement
○Sale of the Three-dimensional measurement machine
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The eyes which do not overlook danger

Staff introduction #01 of the Eyesay

To "Koichi Iwasa of the Eyesay representative," I interviewed an approach posture to check work or our characteristic.
Representative director Koichi Iwasa

The opportunity that entered Eyesay

"Is it not a doctor of the structure the catch phrase of the job offer offer of the Eyesay listed in a job offer magazine?" ni feeling was caught (laugh). The visitor who had the acquaintance begins to work on Bridge check as a new business, and the opportunity when I began Bridge check is because I was an early stage of member proceeding to the spot.

Approach posture to Bridge check

During approximately 20 years, there was the natural disaster such as a landslide, the tornado with Great Hanshin Earthquake and Chuetsu earthquake, big earthquake such as the Great East Japan Earthquake, flood and it after I began to be engaged in Bridge check. In addition, it is frequent about the disasters such as the falls of collapse and the concrete piece of the tunnel. I felt a big problem as the person who took infrastructure maintenance, maintenance each time.
As I cannot solve all disaster damage by oneself one power, also, I think that it is a mission to allow to be one as one team which included a visitor and to evade many disasters and, as a company organization, wrestle for duties every day.

Characteristic of the Eyesay

I propose a color informed a characteristic well and am conscious of organizing told "to be all right if it is Eyesay!", but am the progress period still more. Of course, the forward spirit of self-advancement not to think unreasonableness to be impossible, the challenge mind to a new thing, a unity power, the capacity for organization are not defeated by the other companies!

About safety management of the Eyesay

There is the work at the dangerous place including the high place work, but I do not take excessive measures and I always raise a danger level in the daily life and evade unreasonableness and carelessness if possible. The accident decreases if I do so it and thinks that there is smooth safety management.

About from this of the Eyesay

The needs of the structure maintenance increases year by year socially. We let future value fuse with conventional experience well and want to be useful. Naturally I regard the making of environment that each individual can study based on a purpose as need as it is a company organization.
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