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"Hero as for us"
A project start!
A cool figure active every day
Please see
Of the Bridge inspection
As a professional
As for the presentation of work, the minute data on the short deadline,
I ascertain the thing which the customer buys,
I can meet every needs
I build the system.
Plan, suggestion of the Three-dimensional measurement
I cope until the modeling of measurement data let alone field measurement.
Sale, the rental of 3D laser scanner and the data handling software is negotiable.
What is Bridge inspection?
I carried out the Bridge inspection from the opening of business of 1997 and was engaged in various inspection, investigations. I repeat MLIT, the Metropolitan expressway, NEXCO, the a great variety of inspection results including JR.
Your eyes,
By security, I keep life.
In the Eyesay for inspection, investigation, data measurement duties
It recruits the staff concerned.
Carefully and quickly.
I also provide speed surely at any place.
We cope depending on the request of the customer flexibly,
I meet the expectation enough.
There are a technique and accumulation of the experience to enable it.
Work scenery
There is the system which can meet every needs of the customer including work under the difficult environment and the quick work depending on urgent degree, importance.
We Eyesay is inspection, an investigation, a diagnosis company measuring of the structure which assumed a bridge and a tunnel main. I destroyed the old structure until just several years ago and was the times of the scrap & build which built it newly. The transportation network changes into maintenance, reinforcement, the times to use it for a long time while repairing it of these structures in the present when I am enriched, and the maintenance such as a bridge, the tunnel advanced, too.
We Eyesay will provide service trusted by customers in response to social needs to spread more as a professional of the Structure inspection in future and will play a role for the society.


Our approach that utilized a 3D technology

Please see 3D model and point group data with a 360-degree movie.

I began the editing processing of point group data

I cannot edit the thing which I measured with a laser scanner! I cannot process the thing which photographed an image in a drone! I accept only processing and the editing of measured data in one, us where have the trouble that said this. Please consult over the following email or a telephone!
Reference Technical Development Department space information group charge: Fujita

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