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Interview of the younger staff member

I right send an actual voice of the staff playing an active part in the stage called the Eyesay now. I had you talk about work contents and charm, worth doing.

Infrastructure maintenance engineer

I feel worth doing for work to protect a social infrastructure.
April, 2020 adoption is belonging to Engineering Department
The atmosphere of all the staff is warm, and the Eyesay overflows in vigor and is the workplace which is easy to work very much. I realize that it is a place to have you detect it every day here if there is a posture to learn with will.
Q.Please tell me the contents of the work
My work content is inspection of the structure and to investigate it mainly. Particularly much one is inspection of the bridge in that. There is other inspection such as a sound insulation wall or the tunnel, too. The work in the office makes figures of general figure, damage of the bridge using document rearranging and CAD to use in inspection.
Q.What are a reason and the motive that chose this work?
I wanted to get the work that was helpful for the person and wanted to get work of inspection and the maintenance in that. Have a teacher of the vocational counseling introduce it, and hear a story, and on seeing brochures called "the doctor of the bridge" is interested to sound, necessary for this work; is important; thought that worked, and decided it in thinking in various ways, and finding a job in Eyesay.
Q.Are there a thing provided through work or the memorable episode, memory?
It became a member of society without the experience of the byte, and I was uneasy in the days of a high school student in various ways, but it received the training or a class, and it was good that the basic skills as the member of society were worn. In addition, without the knowledge such as bridges, what there were many words to hear for the first time and learned was serious, but was glad when it was kept alive on the site what I learned and was helpful.
Q.Please tell me how to spend holidays
As I like sports, I play sports and watch a game.
In addition, I go for shopping with a friend and go to see a movie and do BBQ.
I want to challenge surfing if I acquire a driver's license.
●To a person thinking about application a message!
I think that you should not take seriously so much first as I took seriously about Bridge inspection.
I learn various things, but tell you carefully as there is much very gentle one even if there is the place where it is not revealed.
I am looking forward to working together by all means.
<head office>
2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
The sixth floor of the Yokoyama Building
TEL: 03-6806-7281
FAX: 03-6806-5717
※We moved from September, 2018
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●Measurement examination of the structure
●Inspection of the structure
●Investigation, diagnosis of the structure
●3D measurement
○Sale of the Three-dimensional measurement machine
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