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News of the office move
 The sixth floor of the new address 2-40-3, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Yokoyama Building
 Move time September 1, 2018
"Hero as for us"
A project start!
A cool figure active every day
Please see
Of the Bridge inspection
As a professional
As for the presentation of work, the minute data on the short deadline,
I ascertain the thing which the customer buys,
I can meet every needs
I build the system.
Plan, suggestion of the Three-dimensional measurement
I cope until the modeling of measurement data let alone field measurement.
Sale, the rental of 3D laser scanner and the data handling software is negotiable.
What is Bridge inspection?
I carried out the Bridge inspection from the opening of business of 1997 and was engaged in various inspection, investigations. I repeat MLIT, the Metropolitan expressway, NEXCO, the a great variety of inspection results including JR.
Your eyes,
By security, I keep life.
In the Eyesay for inspection, investigation, data measurement duties
It recruits the staff concerned.
Carefully and quickly.
I also provide speed surely at any place.
We cope depending on the request of the customer flexibly,
I meet the expectation enough.
There are a technique and accumulation of the experience to enable it.

News from Eyesay

The news that is year-end and New Year in 2015
Thank you very much for your help in this year.
As for the year-end business, it becomes just on Friday, December 25.
In addition, as the business of the New Year is from Tuesday, January 5
Thank you for your cooperation.

As the member who is engaged in infrastructure maintenance next year
I make an effort for the activation of the industry, contribution to the society.
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